TNA News: Locker Room Morale In TNA Low, Some Still Worry TNA Will End In 2015?

TNA Wrestling may be on TV once again with a brand new TV deal with Destination America, but there is still a huge worry about the future of the company among those in the locker room. TNA has signed several wrestlers in the last month, pretty much proving that management is confident in how things will work out with their new partnership. Honestly, it seems like Destination America is already paying off for TNA.

I have seen a ton of TNA commercials on almost every major channel. Destination America has put commercials on USA Network, ESPN, Discovery, and tons of other marquee networks where wrestling fans may go. In fact, TNA had a few during WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown this past week. Discovery Communications is very big on making Destination America a success, and with TNA being their top show, they are willing to support TNA enough to promote it.

Spike TV rarely if ever promoted TNA. So the partnership has been great with DA. Will it continue? We’ll have to see. Destination America didn’t offer the kind of money that Spike offered TNA in their last deal. They couldn’t afford it. DA is also not in nearly as many homes, which hurts viewership possibilities for TNA. While going up a package to get TNA is possible for fans, TNA doesn’t have that kind of draw. TNA still took the deal because they realized it was about the future, not so much present.

They can grow with the network, which is a good thing.

The problem is, can they afford to pay contracts and bring top talent in when they aren’t making enough to sustain it? Panda Energy does not want to keep losing money on TNA.

This is what worries talent. The big issue with talent is that TNA may be overreaching. There is still that huge fear among talent that TNA will close its doors in 2015. This is obviously something that TNA does not want, and many would imagine that Panda Energy would not allow it to happen. Despite Panda having enough money to keep the doors open and the lights on, they’d only lose money. Business wise, it wouldn’t make sense to keep both things going if you’re in the red all the time.

That is why there is worry, and it is understandable. TNA nearly closed its doors last year, so they are still recovering. The fact that they keep signing talent and are willing to offer top dollar to any former WWE talent means that they are still throwing money at stuff and expecting it to work. With less money to do that with, eventually it’ll have to go in on credit with Panda, and that would only hurt the company.

To many, TNA would not be around if Dixie Carter and the Carter Family didn’t want to work with it. Bob Carter and his Panda Energy company will throw money into it, but without Panda backing everything. TNA couldn’t sustain itself for the long-term. So the worry increases daily. Will TNA fold this year? Many speculate it will not. However, if what the locker room feels is any indication, it could happen.

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