‘Watch Dogs 2’ Gameplay Will Take More Chances, Says Ubisoft

The Watch Dogs 2 gameplay will change rather drastically, according to Ubisoft. Even though the first game succeeded as a fresh new killer IP, the developer says it still had its major flaws.

The Inquisitr pointed out in a review roundup that the first Watch Dogs was really a retread of other games we’ve already seen, and barely delivered anything original. It merged Grand Theft Auto, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, and elements of Assassin’s Creed, and as Ubisoft Montreal’s Lionel Raynaud stated, it really felt like the first chapter in a series.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Ubisoft believes it needs to progress and fix the flaws before the Watch Dogs 2 release date.

According to Cinema Blend, the vehicles in the game handled like they were driving on ice, police seemed extremely limited as far as following the player, and the hacking seemed like little more than frosting on top of the typical open-world gameplay.

Raynauld says that Watch Dogs 2 gameplay will need to be a lot riskier.

“There are flaws, obviously. We absolutely want to tackle these flaws and surprise players, and the way to tackle some of those flaws is going to be quite radical. There are parts of the game that will need to change.

“This is quite a high ambition and will require us to develop technologies that we didn’t have for Watch Dogs 1, but this combined with fixing and refining what worked well is probably the way to go for Watch Dogs 2.”

Another change that some gamers might like to see is less stereotypical characters and alleged racism. One of the main villains in the original Watch Dogs was a black gangster who barely passed for a cyber criminal, and when the confrontation is about to take place, you can clearly hear rap music throughout the mission. Hopefully the villains encountered in the Watch Dogs 2 gameplay will be less stereotypical and more imaginative.

Jonathan Morin, a Ubisoft creative executive, claims that the sequel needs to do something new, even if it’s not clear what that something is yet.

“You have to carry on taking risks.

“I will not do this job if there is no risk in it, that would just be boring. You shouldn’t prevent yourself from trying something just because it’s hard and the solution is not apparent.

“When you start a new project [and new IP], it’s a blank page and everything you do is what you want to do. With a sequel, there is more pressure to push a brand forward and we now have to appeal to fans in a new way.”

What do you want to see Ubisoft do differently to make the Watch Dogs 2 gameplay more interesting?

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