Heads Up, Moms! The New ‘Paddington’ Movie Promises Wholesome Family Fun

The reviews are in! The Paddington movie has been called “an unexpected delight,” “warm and inviting,” and “a sweet little film about a cub who finds a family and a home in London.” The movie critics seem to be on the same page: Paddington is a hit.

It seems these days that the majority of children’s movies are loud, fast paced, and full of action. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as they provide fun and excitement, but the new Paddington movie offers something a little more heartwarming. Who can resist a sweet little bear cub who cleverly keeps marmalade sandwiches under his iconic red hat? Especially when said bear arrives at Paddington Station in London from far off Peru in search of a family to love. It just melts your heart.

The movie, entitled simply Paddington, is based on the series of books by Michael Bond. Generations of children and parents have pored over the pages of the Paddington tales, and cuddled soft replicas of the mannerly cub at bedtime.

The movie follows the story of the books very closely. Paddington writer and director Paul King was careful to keep the genuine feel of the stories in the movie.

“The person I was most nervous about was Michael Bond, really, who is still very much alive and was very much involved in developing the script. I worked on the film for five years, but he’s worked on the stories for 56 years. It was so part of his life, the idea that we would do something that wasn’t quite right would have been heartbreaking. I couldn’t watch it with him. I was too nervous.”

He need not have feared. Original author Bond was thrilled with the Paddington movie. He says he’s already seen it twice, and looking forward to watching it again.

Slash Filmwriter Germaine Lussier says the fact that the townspeople in the Paddington movie did not find anything surprising about a walking, talking bear was a smart decision.

“Everyone is fine with a walking and talking bear, so the audience can be, too. Then we can just enjoy the ride, laugh at the jokes, and begin to fall in love with the characters in the film.”

Paddington himself took to Twitter to share exciting news about the movie.

The movie is receiving the highest praise from everyone who has watched it. Even celebrities enjoyed the movie so much they are talking about it.

Packed with an all star cast, such as Downton Abbey‘s Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman as the villainess, Julie Walters from Harry Potter, and many more, Paddington promises to bring wholesome entertainment to your whole family. Intrigued? Watch the Paddington movie trailer here.

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