‘The Originals’ Spoilers: Elijah And Klaus ‘At Odds’ And Dahlia In The Present

The Originals returns from its winter hiatus with Monday’s episode, 210, “Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire,” and it is going to be an episode that kicks off conflict between two characters for the rest of the season. Plus, a character that has only been seen in the past is going to be seen in the present in the second half.

Executive producer Julie Plec has shared details about what puts Elijah and Klaus in conflict again with TVLine, and while she uses the words “a little” to describe that conflict, who knows how it will play out over the rest of The Originals Season 2.

“The brothers are at their best when they’re working together, and they’re also at their best when they’re on opposite sides of the fight. The beauty of their dynamic is that you enjoy them just as much when they’re bickering as you do when they’re side-by-side. There will be questions of what’s best for the family. For Klaus, it’s always going to be about Hope, but for Elijah, he has an obligation to the entire family. It’ll put them at odds over the course of the rest of the year.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has reported that Dahlia will be seen in the present, and Plec has called the character “juicy and meaty” and described her as someone who goes “head-to-head with Klaus.” Executive producer Michael Narducci has also teased that it is possible that she could have someone with her when she shows up in present day.

“Did [Dahlia] dabble in immortality spells? And if so, if Dahlia is still around, is Freya?”

TVLine has also shared a sneak peek from The Originals, Season 2, Episode 10. In the video, Klaus explains to Cami that his plan is to make the city safe for Hope, and that means dealing with the “lingering problem” of Finn. Speaking of Finn, as the Inquisitr previously reported, he thinks that only “death” can exist between the two sides, and he’s going to be placing a spell on the compound, trapping vampires and werewolves together. That means that things aren’t going to be so easy when Klaus and Hayley return home. While Cami is going to stay away to be safe, Elijah is staying with her due to the side effects he is still experiencing – and Klaus thinks that the two can “bond” because “Cami has a way with minds plagued with demons,” as he puts it.

The CW has also released another sneak peek from The Originals Episode 210, which you can watch below. Klaus pays Kol a visit as he settles into his new room, and he has a present for his brother “in honor of [his] return to the fold.”

The Originals Season 2 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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