Chew on this Hasbro – Scrabulous returns to Facebook as Lexulous

I’m pretty sure that anyone who is a Facebook member; or follows news to do with the service, will remember when Scabulous – a Scrabble knock-off – was all the rage on Facebook. It was so popular that it was even reviving interest in the real world version of the board game but that didn’t stop the game’s owner, Hasbro, from getting its panties in a bunch.

Even though Rajat Jayant Agarwalla, the team behind Scrabulous, tried to work with Hasbro it ended up being a dead horse that just couldn’t be flogged anymore. Hasbro in the end succeeded in getting the game shut down much to the dismay of Facebook fans of the game.

Well it turns out that Rajat and Jayant may have the last laugh as they have returned to Facebook with a new game called Lexulous and really you can be forgiven if you happen to mistake it for the game that Hasbro had shut down. After all Lexulous is a word board game like Scabulous/Scrabble but the main difference lies in the board layout and the scoring.

So all you ex-Scrabulous fan it’s time to head on over to Facebook and get your word game on – not to mention give good old Hasbro the finger while you’re at it.

[hat tip and graphic courtesy of The Broad Brush]

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