Ralphie May High At Colorado Concert, Camp Blames Bill Cosby?

Comedian Ralphie May was reportedly very high during a recent concert in Colorado.

TMZ reports that May was so high that the cops had to eventually intervene. According to the report, Ralphie’s concert started off well with great opening acts. However, the quality of the show as a whole dropped when Ralph took the stage.

First, the former Last Comic Standing contestant reportedly took a very long time to get to the stage. Things only got worse after he made it to the microphone. Audience members allegedly started yelling at the comedian to tell jokes and demanded refunds since it was obvious that Ralphie May was struggling.

He was unable to string a complete sentence together. Ralphie could not finish his jokes and would even forget what he said. Loyal fans of Ralphie May tried to defend the comedian against the hecklers. May was able to finish his show, but police officers had to be called to the scene in order to maintain order.

According to TMZ, Ralphie May’s camp opened up in an official statement that focused on Ralphie’s excitement over legalized marijuana as well as a conspiracy theory involving Bill Cosby.

“[Ralphie] was like a kid in a candy store, being in Colorado for the first time since pot became legal. We believe in conspiracy theories. We think [Bill] Cosby snuck in and drugged him. We’re pressing charges because we’re within the statute of limitations.”

TMZ posted a video of Ralphie being escorted outside of the venue after the concert. May did not hesitate to respond to the calls and greetings from his fans in the video.

As seen in the footage, Ralphie May explained to the fans waiting outside that he had a lot more material prepared for his performance that he was not able to share.

[Image Credit: Go Pix Pic & BET]

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