WWE News: WWE Reinstates Kevin Nash After Charges In Assault Case Dropped

There aren’t many in the WWE who have been through more than Kevin Nash in the last month. On Christmas Eve, he was arrested, along with his son, for getting into an altercation. Both posted bail and were released. It all started when Nash’s son, Tristen Nash, went after his mother, and Kevin then attacked his son. It truly was a hectic situation for the former WWE champion.

Since that night, new developments have taken place that deal with Nash and the WWE. When the incident took place, the WWE had no choice but to suspend Nash from his WWE Legends deal. There was a report on who actually suspended Nash, which ended up being Triple H, Nash’s longtime friend.

Next Monday, WWE is planning a Raw reunion that had Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Kevin Nash returning. After the suspension, they had to find a replacement. As of this past episode of Raw, Ric Flair was the replacement for Nash. Nash even tweeted this out, which caused a stir in the WWE Universe.

That was a couple of days ago, so there was time for his charges to be dropped before the reunion on Raw. According to the WWE, Kevin Nash may still be able to make the Raw reunion after all.

“Now that Kevin Nash’s legal matter has been resolved with all charges being dropped, his ‘legends’ contract has been immediately reinstated.”

For WWE fans, that is incredible news because Nash is a huge fixture in professional wrestling history. For those in the WWE Universe who were able to catch the Monday Night War series on the WWE Network, it is truly one of the greatest series of all-time. While it goes through the ups and downs of the late-90s in professional wrestling, it shows what Nash and Hall truly did to change the business.

They were the first two men to cross-over to World Championship Wrestling, after Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff offered them a contract with guaranteed money and less dates. At the time, Nash and Hall stood tall atop the pro wrestling landscape. In WWE, they both contributed much to the business, including great matches and feuds.

Hopefully, Nash still wants to return to WWE and take part in the nWo reunion on Monday Night Raw. It didn’t appear that Nash was mad at the WWE for suspending him. As soon as they found out all the chargers were dropped, they reinstated him immediately. Besides, the nWo isn’t really the nWo without Kevin Nash.

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