MIT Researchers Design Aging Suit, Hope To Spread Empathy For Seniors [Video]

Researchers at MIT have developed an aging suit to draw awareness to senior citizens and their increased health issues. While the AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System) won’t actually turn a person old it does create the feeling of turning 65.

The suit comes at a time when 16% of the population will reach 65-years-old in 2029.

According to the research team at MIT the suit can be worn by students and product developers so they can grasp a better understanding of how their products will affect the lives of older people who choose to use them.

The suit includes a heavy helmet, neck braces and yellow-tinged glasses among other offerings which help to simulate achy joints, limited mobility and blurred vision.

According to the MIT AgeLab’s Meet Agnes YouTube video:

“Put on this suit and you feel increased fatigue, reduced flexibility in joints and muscles, spinal compression and difficulty with vision and balance.”

Here’s the AGNES video to give you a better understanding of the suits capabilities:

[iframe src=” width=”560? height=”315?]

Of course it’s impossible to know if the exact pains and fatigue in younger people wearing the suit matches the feelings experienced with old age but it’s a close enough way to design products and maybe create a bit of empathy.

Can you think of any unique uses for the MIT AGNES suit?

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