Social Media Users In Asia Create More While The West Consumes More

A study by Forrester Research that consisted of about 100,000 people from Asia, North America, and Latin America, found that users in China and India are far more likely to create content via social media than consume it. Also, people in increasing markets also tend to be creators.

Social media takes the core philosophy of the Internet, information for anyone and everyone, and takes that to the next level. The findings of the study also found that people in the West consume more content. With platforms growing at an exponential rate, it’s quite easy to consume a considerable amount of content on any given day. Followings get bigger, friends lists get larger, and so on.

People in the West still create, just not to the extent of those in Asia according to the study.

“In the six years that Forrester has been collecting Social Technographics data, a lot has changed in the world of social media. Social networking has morphed into a global phenomenon. Today, 86% of online US adults and 79% of European online adults engage with social media. And consumers in emerging markets are also on social media — not just catching up. In fact, they lead the world in social media usage and engagement.”

The USA isn’t the leader in social media activity. Asia is an interesting market since there’s so many people and better technology coming to more and more people. Countries from the Asia region continue to adopt social media and use it in their daily lives and is not likely to slow down anytime soon.

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