‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Biggest Spoiler Yet Might Be Given Away In Leaked Call Sheet

We’ve still got a few months to go before Avengers: Age of Ultron conquers the big screen and lays the groundwork for the next phase of Marvel movies, but more and more details are leaking out about the superhero epic every day. The latest appears to rely on actual insider production materials from the movie, and it might just give away the movie’s end.

Over at Cosmic Book News, some eagle eyes noticed that apparent call sheets for Avengers: Age of Ultron are currently on sale on eBay. Call sheets are documents that cast and crew rely on in order to know where they need to be in the course of a big production, essentially telling them who will be filming what and where. These contain a bit of information on plot points for what will be filming, as well as which characters are in which scenes.

So what’s the spoiler? If you look at “Callsheet 66,” you’ll see that it contains the words “Woods, Near Fortress” and “ion kills Ultron.” Now that could be any number things. “Explosion kills Ultron.” “Procrastination kills Ultron.” “Radioactive ion kills Ultron.” “Lack of imagination kills Ultron.”

Or it could be “Vision kills Ultron.”

Wait, what? It’s been assumed that Ultron will create the Vision, with Marvel largely sticking to the comic book origin of the android Avenger. There has been a question, though, of just how long it would take the Vision to fight on the side of the Avengers. There’s a definite possibility that the call sheet is giving us a big late development in Age of Ultron, with the Vision killing the Avengers’ cloud-connected foe and establishing himself as a trustworthy member of the team.

It’s also been pointed out, though, that the call sheets call for an Ultron Prime to be part of the scene, so it could well be Vision killing an Ultron droid, as it’s already been established that Ultron will control an army of drones with which to attack the Avengers.

What else does the leak reveal? Not much in the way of big spoilers. There does appear to be a scene where Quicksilver watches Bruce Banner transform into the Hulk. Also, there is confirmation that Claudia Kim is playing a Doctor Cho. There’s also one scene that may hint at the growing tension between Captain America and Iron Man, with the call sheet describing the action as Captain America telling his fellow Avenger to “watch his language.”

There will probably be more leaks like this as time goes on and Age of Ultron’s release date draws nearer. We already know that the team will be fractured, if not outright broken, by the time the final credits roll, leading into a Civil War between factions that kicks off with the next Captain America movie.

Whether or not Ultron will be around to see Earth’s Mightiest tear their own team apart, though, now appears to be in question.

[Lead image via Entertainment Weekly]

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