Kate Middleton: Duchess Taking A Break After Busy Few Weeks, Cutting Back On Public Appearances

Kate Middleton had quite a busy stretch at the end of last year, with a trip to New York City and a jam-packed holiday season with the royal family, and now the Duchess of Cambridge needs a break.

With her second child due in April, Kate is now cutting back on her public appearances in the next few weeks in order to rest and regain her health. The Duchess had a terrible bout with acute morning sickness early in her pregnancy, one that kept her bedridden for weeks, and though it’s not quite as bad now, she’s still not returned to full health.

The royal family announced that Kate Middleton has just two public appearances scheduled for the month of January, visiting an art therapy center before going to an event hosted by the Fostering Network.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry points out, Kate is taking the chance to regain some of her strength.

“Kate seemed to be regaining her energy after a long bout with acute morning sickness, but may have overdone it by quickly jumping in to her royal duties with a very busy New York City trip, filled with engagements and special events. As her birthday neared on January 9, she was beginning to feel a bit more tired, and by the time her birthday arrived, she chose to spend it quietly with her closest family members. Between the busy holidays, and the scandal with Prince Andrew, Kate is seriously stressed out. Now, all Kate is hoping for is some down time before the baby arrives.”

But Kate Middleton doesn’t have too much time to rest. She still has a lot to get ready for the second baby, and for the stress of having two kids under the age of two.

Last week Kate took a bit of a break to go shopping, packing it all in to a trip lasting several hours in some of London’s ritzier neighborhoods.

A shopper who spotted Kate at the John Lewis department store in Chelsea told E! Online the following.

“She was with two security guards but Kate carried all of her own bags and they did not look light.”

It wasn’t exactly clear what Kate Middleton picked up during the trip, but shoppers speculated that it was items for Prince George and possibly some new maternity wear.

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