50 Shades of Capitalism — Hotels Ready To Dominate ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Fans

The popularity of 50 Shades of Grey has surpassed the mere book club as fans eagerly await the movie premiere. The movie, which stars Jamie Dorman and Dakota Johnson, will hit the big screens around Valentine’s Day.

50 Shades of Grey received mixed reviews, yet has an unwavering fan base. The story, which started as fan fiction, is now an enterprise of its own with a product line encompassing much more than the books of its genesis. Products include nail polish, lingerie, clothing, sex toys, wine — the list of choices seems endless. Even hotels are taking advantage of the 50 Shades fervor by exploiting the smart marketing combination of romantic holiday and sex-saturated movie premiere.

In San Francisco, a chain of hotels in the Bay Area is offering hotel guests for a fee of $150.00, an add-on service aptly named, “50 Shades of Women.”

As reported on the site Brietbart, the hotel is offering guests the option of packages to enhance their stay, one being a little black box that comes with supplies that will help guests bring their 50 Shades fantasies to life. The contents include a fringe whip, handcuffs, paddle, sash restraint, and in the spirit of safe sex, condoms and lubrication. The hotel is also offering a bottle of wine dedicated to the movie for guests as well. Regrettably, the quality of the wine is dubious at best, according to one of the tasters at Vanity Fair.

“This wine tastes like pain. I’d rather be flogged than have to drink this again,” said Grant Reynolds, wine director at New York restaurant Charlie Bird.

The wine does embrace the spirit of the movie with names such as “White Silk” and “Red Satin.” Perhaps the joy is all in the packaging.

In New York City, Kimpton’s Ink 48 hotel has a more elaborate package for the more discerning customer. According to Ashbury Park Press, fans will be offered the following.

* Luxury suite accommodations with a bottle of champagne upon arrival.

* Babeland amenity kit which includes a necktie and other related items.

* Aphrodisiac room service menu items—oysters, chocolate, bananas, avocado, and more.

* 50 minute couples massage.

* $200 credit to La Perla or Agent Provocateur restaurants.

* Two tickets to the Museum of Sex.

The packages begin at $659.00 per night.

Portland’s Heathman Hotel has a creative yet pricey way to get the Grey Treatment. The Heathman Hotel has an advantage as it was featured in the book, but the hotel takes the re-creation of the fantasy one step further. As reported on CNN, the Heathman is offering a “Charlie Tango No Limits” add-on package that includes appetizers and white wine at the hotel restaurant for up to six people. Following the dinner, patrons are treated to a helicopter tour of Portland. Of course, the ladies receive red roses at the end. The price of this affair — $2,750.00

The Heathman also offers a bottle of wine named the “Inner Goddess.” The chilled white wine is delivered with a grey tie.

Finally, Seattle hotels are naturally following the trend, as the book primarily takes place in Washington State. The Edgewater hotel has a “Premium Waterside” suite that includes a sailing excursion around Puget Sound. Guests can drink some Bollinger while enjoying the sights and later follow a map of Seattle locations that are included in the book. If inclined, the guests can test drive an Audi sports car, just like the one that Grey gave Steele in the book. All this for $914.00.

At this time next year, perhaps the hotels will offer in-room babysitting services.

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