Jenelle Evans’ Friend Speaks Out About Shocking ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fight Video

Jenelle Evans’ friend is speaking out about a shocking video, which features her in a violent fight in St. Thomas.

In a January 15 report by Radar Online, an unnamed friend of the Teen Mom 2 star spoke out, revealing details about Evans’ dramatic engagement vacation with her new fiancé, Nathan Griffith.

“When Jenelle first got there, everything was great. Her fiancé’s friends Candace and Patrick flew in from Kentucky and met them there. They’re married. Nathan was in the military with Patrick.”

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Evans discovered her fiancé had paid for their tickets — and it only got worse from there.

On Saturday, according to Jenelle Evans’ friend, Griffith’s friends charged a dinner outing to Evans’ credit card, which was on file at the resort. The next day, the group enjoyed a slew of alcoholic beverages, also courtesy of Evans.

“They charged all of their drinks to Jenelle’s card. It was a $500.00 tab. And Jenlle paid for the engagement dinner they all went out to. It was $600.00 and no one gave her or her fiancé money towards it. Jenelle and Nathan also paid for all the taxi rides during the trip. Jenelle asked the hotel if they could put a stop on her card. They said they couldn’t, because if you had a hotel room key, you could charge whatever you want.”

Still, Evans, understandably, attempted to decrease the amount of money being charged to her account.

“Jenelle texted [Nathan’s sister-in-law] Paula, and she informed Paula that her card was on the hotel room and … to please not charge anything. Paula responded with a nasty text … Jenelle asked her to stop, and informed her that if she didn’t, she would have her escorted out of the trip. Paula responded with another nasty text.”

After receiving the second text, Jenelle Evans’ friend claims the reality star went back to her room with security in tow and had them remove Paula from the suite, which didn’t go over well.

“She flipped out and yelled at Jenelle that she didn’t deserve her kids, she would make sure she never got custody of her son Jace back, and that she would make sure Jenelle lost custody of her and Nathan’s son, Kaiser. Then, [Nathan’s brother] Noah got involved and started yelling with her that he would let Paula ‘beat Jenelle’s a**’ and that ‘Jenelle deserved to get her a** beat’ and ‘didn’t deserve her kids.'”

At that point, Evans reportedly told Noah she wished he died in combat.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, another Jenelle Evans friend recently claimed she and Griffith were fighting non-stop during their vacation to St. Thomas. According to the source, the couple were very “rude” and had many dramatic fights.

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