QVC Hosts Not Sure If The Moon Is A Planet Or A Star [Video]

Two “spaced out” QVC hosts may need to brush up on their knowledge of astronomy.

The popular home shopping channel often offers potential buyers of products “the moon and the stars,” figuratively speaking, but this exchange perhaps took it to a new level.

During a recent broadcast on the network, presenter Shawn Killinger and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi got into an odd debate over whether the Moon is a planet or a star, which the Lightly Buzzed website categorized as “the most mind-numbingly stupid conversation in human history.”

Holding up a blouse that she was hawking on Monday evening, Killinger — who some other news outlets apparently misidentified as Jane Treacy — claimed about that particular item for sale that “it almost kinda looks like what the Earth looks like when you’re a bazillion miles away from the planet moon.”

After Mizrahi intoned “the planet Moon” a few times, an unsure Killinger chimed in with: “isn’t the Moon a star”?

“The Moon is a planet, darling,” Mizrahi confidently declared.

The out-of-this world conversation got even more awkward from there. Expanding the discussion into other celestial bodies, Killinger than posed a series of queries about whether the Sun is a star.

As the Daily Dot explained, “what ensues is a jumbled mess of confusion and stupidity about what the moon… and the Sun are, and no amount of summarization can capture the beauty of this moronic conversation–it’s on a cosmic level.”

See the cringeworthy embedded video clip below.

As the Internet collectively has pointed out in response to this viral footage, the Moon is neither a planet nor a star; it is classified as Earth’s only permanent, natural satellite, which is about 250,000 miles rather than a “bazillion” miles away.

Apparently, an off-camera QVC producer Googled the correct answer at some point and passed it along to the confused presenters.

QVC hasn’t generated this much online buzz since long-time host Lisa Robertson said goodbye to her viewers on December 12 after a 20-year run on the channel. Robertson has yet to announce what her new “adventure” will be, although she is keeping her fans informed on a very active Facebook page.

The QVC Moon discussion may or may not show up on a future highlight reel.

Do you think that QVC “stars” would be better off keeping the banter more down to earth and avoiding talk about the Solar System?

[image credit: Matias Coronado]

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