‘My Day On A Plate’ Post From Juicing Expert Goes Viral, Draws Twitter Mockery

The “My Day on a Plate” article all started innocently enough, with juicing expert Kara Rosen – who began a juice firm named Plenish – sharing with Telegraph readers “My Day on a Plate,” that is, Rosen’s typical daily diet. Perhaps it was the contents of that “My Day on a Plate” short article that set the Interwebs on fire, with folks comparing the “My Day on a Plate” post by Kara to their own “My Day on a Plate” envisioned posts.

Either way, the “My Day on a Plate” published by Rosen appears to contain the kinds of super-healthy foods eaten by chipmunks – stuff like hot water with lemon, handfuls of nuts, egg whites, green tea, and the only-on-the-weekends-almond-milk-cappuccino. As if that stuff weren’t uber-green enough, Kara wrote that her day on a plate also consists of green juice when her stomach starts growling.

Add on the talk of green salads, avocados, chia seeds, and rice cakes as her “carb” indulgence, and readers can quickly see why “My Day on a Plate” went viral fast. As reported by the Huffington Post, Piers Morgan advised Rosen to have a Twix after reading “My Day on a Plate,” as other Twitter users repeated the simple “nomnoms” phrase for their own versions of their personal “My Day on a Plate” diets.

Meanwhile, the Independent reports that the 37-year-old Rosen has defended her austere “My Day on a Plate” eating lifestyle by admitting she likes Cadbury Crème Eggs, and Mexican food like tacos – although Kara does adamantly stand by her plant-based diet, which she says makes her feel good. Of course, that didn’t stop the social media world from having a go at the guru.

A gander through the #MyDayOnAPlate hashtag on Twitter is worth the laughs. For example, Fe Fi Fo Fanny ??@funnelbone posted a “My Day on a Plate” that included emotional eating.

9am: An uncomfortable amount of pop tarts

1pm: 1st thing I see wrapped in Bologna

6pm: Only Chick-Fil-a sauce

9pm: My feelings


Not everyone mocked Kara for her overly healthy sounding diet. >Darina Coffey () admired Rosen’s salad recipe.

“All (admittedly funny) jokes aside, the kale, pistachio, dried cherry & Argan oil salad from ?@KaraRosen in ?#MyDayOnAPlate sounds delicious!”

In the end, eating more veggies and increasing fiber intake does help flush off the pounds, as reported in this Inquisitr article about Biggest Loser star Bob Harper. It also recommends that anyone’s “My Day on a Plate” diet should include healthy amounts of lean protein to help keep those 2015 weight loss resolutions.

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