WWE News: WWE Aiming To Push Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Into Retirement From The Announce Desk Soon

WWE has always been very big on making sure they have the right people in the right job. The problem is, sometimes they have to go with what the fans want to see instead of what they’d like. Plus, they have to think of the talent involved, and all they did for them before they suddenly change something. In the case of Jerry “The King” Lawler, it appears as if WWE wanted to make a change for some time with The King, but was not able to until recently.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE wants to do what they did with Jim Ross with Jerry Lawler. In that, they want to gradually remove Lawler from the announce desk to put another in his place. WWE has always been age conscious, and feels that there is a certain expiration time a talent has on the desk. Most will say that Jim Ross is the greatest play-by-play announcer that ever worked for WWE, which is arguable but has very little debate.

Meanwhile, many have called for the removal of Jerry Lawler from the announce desk for some time. Unlike Ross, Lawler does not have any facial issues that would look bad on camera. The only major issue Lawler went through was his heart attack on air, right after a wrestling match he had the same night. Lawler still performs in the ring even after the heart trouble due to the love of it, but only on the Independent scene. WWE had used Lawler quite often in the ring at this time on TV, which could have led to heart issues.

WWE realized that it would be wrong to have him involved in matches now due to his heart. So he was restricted to the table.

This was one of the first times WWE considered a change at the booth, but when Lawler was healthy enough to return, they didn’t want to remove him. Now that he has had a bout of diverticulitis, WWE possibly feels that Lawler will only go through more in his older age. So the move to WWE SmackDown was a way of getting him off WWE programming eventually. This is the exact move they made with JR, which means that Lawler will eventually be replaced. By whom, we do not know just yet.

WWE always wants to make sure they give people the best team on the desk as possible, and WWE has a lot of people who are more than capable of taking Lawler’s place on the desk. People such as Alex Riley, Renee Young, and Corey Graves are more than capable. So WWE has people in line and eventually they will all be given opportunities. Jerry Lawler is certainly a legend, and one that we all can respect. Eventually, however, there comes a time when WWE, as a company, has to move on.

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