Is 50 Cent A Belieber?

Justin Bieber has hoards of people speaking out against him and his at times outrageous behavior, but he has someone who won’t speak badly about him – 50 Cent.

The New York native is known for being a tough guy. 50 Cent’s life was chronicled in the movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, was even shot nine times at close range and made it through it alive. He’s had feuds with hip hop boss Rick Ross and boxer Floyd Mayweather. But there’s someone he won’t take on – Justin Bieber’s fans, the Beliebers.

50 Cent has been in the news recently for launching his underwear line, Frigo, which brought up the subject of modeling in underwear, like Bieber. And that’s when 50 Cent let us know just why he’s not messing with Justin Bieber or his fans.

The Daily News quoted 50 Cent as saying, “Don’t be putting Bieber up against me.”

Why the desire to not go up against the Biebs? According to Music News, 50 Cent wrote a tweet years ago commenting that he didn’t have any problems with the “Boyfriend” singer and on the hate that people on Twitter tend to show. 50 Cent accidentally misspelled Bieber, switching the “i” and the “e.” Yes, that was it. And what was he met with when he spelled the pop star’s name wrong?

50 Cent told the Daily News that he had Bieber’s young fans “disgusted” with him. He also commented that the Canadian pop star’s fans “will not accept your apology.”

“Have you ever had a 12-year-old girl angry with you?” he asked.

Apparently 12-year-old girls are much scarier than large men with criminal records. 50 Cent went on to warn all people not to “directly say anything negative about Bieber.”

50 Cent also took time to defend the troubled pop star, making a comparison between the two of them. Both had trouble with the law as teenagers, and 50 Cent commented that it was harder because Bieber has been “through some phases in front of us,” and that instead of judging, we need to understand that it’s “a part of growing up.”

50 Cent, among others, have taken to defending the troubled teen.

So is 50 Cent a true Belieber? Maybe not completely, but he is not willing to go up against Bieber and his fans any time soon.

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