Dick Poop Receives Oscar Nom The Year After Adele Dazeem Performs

Dick Poop made headlines on Thursday by being mentioned among the new list of Oscar nominees.

For his work on Mr. Turner, Dick Poop was nominated for cinematography along with the cinematographers who worked on such films as Unbroken, Birdman, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The only problem is that Dick Poop does not exist. It was actually Dick Pope who officially received that Oscar nomination — not Dick Poop. However, Academy President Cheryl Boone was able to further expand the list of Oscar-related name flubs by reading his last name off as “Poop” instead of “Pope.”

Boone quickly corrected herself and pronounced Dick’s last name correctly almost immediately after her mistake. However, the damage had already been done. It did not take very long before Dick Poop became a viral hashtag and trending topic. Keep in mind that Cheryl Boone is not the first person with an Oscar-related name flub that went viral.

Thanks to Dick Poop, John Travolta’s mistake from last year’s Oscar ceremony is back in the spotlight once again.

The Oscar-nominated actor was chosen to introduce “Let It Go” singer Idina Menzel to perform the hit Frozen song on-stage. His scripted introduction was well-written and even included a clever reference to Menzel’s Tony Award-winning Broadway role in “Wicked” by calling her “wickedly talented.”

However, John Travolta made name flub history by introducing Idina Menzel to the stage as “Adele Dazeem.”

That name flub threw off many people – including fans, critics, and even Idina herself. Menzel stated in an interview on the Today show that she was thrown off for nearly eight seconds after hearing her name botched in such a big way before having to perform.

Ricky Gervais may have added insult to injury by mocking John Travolta at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony when he struggled to pronounce the name of Annie actress Quvenzhané Wallis.

“I’ve been practicing saying that last name so I don’t have a John Travolta moment. I still watch it every day on YouTube. It’s brilliant.”

Which do you think is worst – Dick Poop or Adele Dazeem?

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