Microsoft’s next-gen flight simulator to be free to play

I remember when Microsoft first came out with its flight simulator game and the reaction was generally one of a job well done. With each successive installment of the game its popularity grew until it became pretty much the defacto standard for all flight type sims.

Then came the rumor that Microsoft would be discontinuing work on the simulator game which caused a bit of an uproar within the gaming community. It turns out that Microsoft either thought twice about consigning the flight simulator game to the annals of gaming history or this was part of its plans all along because we are hearing today that a new version of the flight simulator is coming.

It is apparently going to be coming with a new name, Microsoft Flight, and an interesting move into the realm of free-to-play. The idea is that the base part of the game will be free to download and play but you will be able to buy new aircraft, regions, as well as customization options.

In order to build up some excitement over the new release Microsoft has been releasing Microsoft Flight Webisode and here it the fifth installment to wet your flight simulator appetite.

via The Next Web

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