Rihanna Secretly Dating Leo DiCaprio — Is He Better Than Chris Brown?

Rihanna has reportedly been dating Leonardo DiCaprio in secret for a handful of months, according to the latest gossip. WA Today News reports that rumors of them hooking up recently are only the results of their first time seeing each other in public. In fact, they’ve been together for quite some time on an unofficial basis. That’s not all. A source who claims to be close to the singer says that she gets weak in the knees over the actor. That sounds a lot like love, doesn’t it? Could this be the beginning of a healthy relationship? If so, she could really use a break after dating guys like Drake and Chris Brown.

The internet has been going wild over the idea that Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio are a couple — and of course rumors are circulating like crazy. Some rumors indicate that RiRi may be pregnant with the actor’s baby, but neither of them have come forward to confirm such a thing. The baby rumors also don’t go along with what WA Today’s inside source says about the relationship. According to the source, RiRi and Leo are taking things easy and keeping their relationship casual.

“She’s not blowing him up. She’s not trying to chain him down either. It is what it is.”

If these rumors are true, then Rihanna has all the reason in the world to get over Chris Brown with ease. After all, the Loyal R&B singer has apparently moved on to Karrueche Tran, and things are looking very serious between the two of them this time around. Hollywood Life reports that Brown is so devoted to Tran that she is the one that convinced him to cancel all of his future nightclub performances (after a shooting injured five people at a recent show). Of course, Brown is rumored to not be so Loyal himself with recent reports that he may have bullied a porn star after she refused to have sex with him. Whether he’s moving on from Rihanna for good or not, his life certainly appears to be more drama-filled these days than Rih’s, and Leonardo DiCaprio is probably a pleasant departure from all of the madness that comes with Brown. After all, Rihanna said it herself, reportedly, when she recently swore off dating guys in the music industry.

Do you think this love affair with DiCaprio and Rihanna will evolve into something more serious? Since Leo isn’t in the music industry, he wouldn’t violate her recent resolution to stop dating guys in the biz. So it’s certainly within the realm of possibility, right?

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