Ron Paul has Brothel “Pimpin for Paul”

Ron Paul, known for his Libertarian views, has picked up a new endorsement. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a Nevada brothel has begun a campaign they are calling “Pimpin for Paul”

The owner of the Brothel, Dennis Hof said in a statement

“We decided to go with the guy that’s more about state’s rights — and that’s Ron Paul,”

Hof did a survey of 500 prostitutes to see which candidate they wanted to support, and the results were close between Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.

“We thought real closely about supporting Newt Gingrich — because he’s a cheater — and we like cheaters,” Hof added.

Hof was asked if the Bunny Ranch girls were interested in President Obama and he said that while some of the girls were very interested in Obama last year, they have been completely turned off by a bill Obama signed which basically legalized the human consumption of wild horse meat in the USA.

The Moolite Bunny Ranch is one of more than 90 brothels that operate legally in Nevada. Ron Paul is the one candidate that be counted on to make sure that keeps going. Libertarians generally believe that prostitution should be legal.

In an interview with Fox News (video below), Ron Paul said he had no problem with the Pimpin Posse making donations to his campaign. He said he believes in Freedom and if they want to express their freedom by giving him money they are free to do so.

Hof also said in the interview that they set up collection boxes at the Moolite Bunny Ranch so they could get customers to donate. They are also currently offering a buy one girl get one free if you walk in and tell the girls you are “Pimpin for Paul”.

Do you think Ron Paul should embrace this endorsement?

Click here to see the Fox News interview with Ron Paul and Dennis Hof!

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