‘The Interview’s’ Own Kim Jong Un Talks About The ‘Crazy’ Sony Hacking Experience

The Interview has come and gone with a limited theatrical release, along with an early digital release, but people are still talking about the fall out from the chaos it left. Sony still hasn’t picked up the pieces after their month-long hacking debacle due to the studio’s insistence of the release.

Throughout the limited press campaign, stars Seth Rogen and James Franco had backed Sony, and were open to talking about it. According to E!, Randall Park, the actor who played the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, is sounding off on cyber attack and all that ensued.

The actor, who is South Korean, spoke at the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour while promoting his new sitcom on ABC, Fresh Off the Boat. During the conference, the controversy that surrounded the Kim Jong Un assassination comedy was brought up. When asked if he was worried for his life when the hackers threatened to kill anyone who goes to the theater to see the film, Randall had a surprising reaction.

“No, I was never worried for my safety or for getting hacked or any of that during that process. It was more, like, crazy to turn on the news and see my face…they’re talking about Kim Jung On, but showing my face! That definitely was a crazy experience.”

Park continued, “Right after the movie came out, everything kind of died down and I was, in my head, trying to piece everything together and I still haven’t fully pieced everything together as far as what that experience meant to me. I was just really glad that movie came out and that in the end people got the chance to see the movie…I’m excited to move on from that.”

The Interview made $31 million in VOD platforms, and $5 million after it was released in theaters.

As for North Korea, Rogen said during the press for the film that he wished North Korea could watch the harmless film.

“It would be really interesting. I wonder what a North Korean citizen would think of the movie. And, they are not bad. They are the victims of horrible situations. Part of me thinks they themselves would really enjoy the movie.”

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