‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Players Have Now Killed Over 2 Million Dragons

Now that Dragon Age: Inquisition has been out for almost two months, Bioware has had enough time to accumulate some interesting in-game statistics to show off how many dragons have been killed since the game first launched. The developer shared a series of dragon-killing facts from title’s official Twitter account on Wednesday that gives users an idea of how successful the Dragon Age: Inquisition community has been in their hunt for high dragons.

In terms of sheer numbers, players have managed to slay 2,602,377 dragons in the time since Dragon Age: Inquisition first became available on November 18, 2014. Unsurprisingly, the dragon that has been killed most often is the lowest level predator found in the Hinterlands. Meanwhile, The Highland Ravager in Emprise du Lion has managed to escape death more than any other dragon inside Dragon Age: Inquisition. Although Bioware never specified, it is believed that the dragon-killing stats were compiled from every version of Dragon Age: Inquisition across all five platforms.

Despite the fact that the most-killed dragon is found in Fereldan, the statistics revealed that more dragons have been defeated inside Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s French-inspired country of Orlais. Bioware also shared a few hints on tactics to help fans find and defeat some of the more elusive winged beasts in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

With the total number of in-game dragon kills now well over 2 million, it is important to remember that players aren’t required to kill a single high dragon in order to complete the main storyline of Dragon Age: Inquisition. There is also a limited number dragons located within the game and they can each only be killed a single time. This means that a single player can only kill a grand total of ten dragons throughout the course of single Dragon Age: Inquisition playthrough, so users aren’t able to quickly kill the same dragon.

While gamers race to hunt the legendary predators in Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s single player campaign, many fans are more interested in the title’s new online co-op mode. Unfortunately, as the Inquisitr recently reported, players are now experiencing a bug within the multiplayer matches where they keys to unlock new areas are failing to drop. Bioware confirmed on Wednesday that they are still looking into the issue and plan to correct in an upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition title update.

“Really sorry about that. We are looking into this at present and hope to have a fix soon.”

The total number of dragon kills continues to grow inside Bioware’s newest installment of their fantasy series. Have you managed to defeat all ten dragons within Dragon Age: Inquisition?

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