Justin Bieber Laughs Off Photoshop Claims With Ripped, Shirtless Selfie

Justin Bieber just answered those Calvin Klein ad photoshop rumors in classic Biebervelli style.

The 20-year-old superstar posted a ripped, shirtless selfie to his Instagram account on Wednesday, alongside a caption which he changed twice.

The first read, “Photoshop my a**.” Shortly after, Bieber changed it to “Photoshop lol.”

In the pic, Bieber packs an undeniably defined six-pack. And that’s not all.

The singer covered his immodesty with a long, white towel that he held with one hand and bunched, if you take our meaning.

How large is the bunching? Probably not large enough for the Defamer’s theories. But it does seem large enough.

Clearly making a point, Bieber’s reveal comes just over a week after he was unveiled as the new face — and body — of Calvin Klein’s Underwear and Jeans Campaign for spring with co-star model, Lara Stone.

Following initial “Oohs” and “ah’s” over the stunningly shot pictures, TMZ first pointed out Justin appeared to have less pelvic hair in video footage from the Klein shoot than in the print ad pics.

The next hit was deceptive. A website threw a massive spanner at the Biebs’ smoking hot campaign by claiming the singer’s ads and bulge were Photoshopped, and posting what it alleged was a genuine “unretouched” picture from the photo shoot.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Breathe Heavy’s clearly photoshopped image shrunk the singer’s entire body, which resulted in his head looking unnaturally big)

As it turned out, the GIF posted by the site alternated between a dinosaur-head sized snap of the singer wearing Calvins and looking small and weird, and a copy of the official Klein ad. In short — it was “fake as h***,” as Jezebel put it.

Accordingly, Bieber’s legal team sent a cease and desist letter to the website, demanded they post a retraction at their site and remove the GIF. All of this was done with the site posting the official shot of the Canadian’s underwear photo and admitting the Photoshop.

Some will likely remain unconvinced, and probably won’t change their minds after Bieber’s ripped selfie. But, perhaps, that serves to demonstrate the probably churlish motivation of those insisting the singer’s abs and bulge are smaller than they are.

In other Bieber news, he was called a “butcher Miley Cyrus” by some gay Republicans and offered $2 million to film a gay porn scene by a porn star. Us Weekly are also claiming the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards swore at the singer, then invited him to have a drink in a bar in Turks and Caicos over the New Year.

Oh, and the Biebs is also working with the legendary Rick Rubin on his upcoming album.

As you were.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber as seen in his official Calvin Klein underwear ad and at the Breathe Heavy website after the latter removed its photoshopped GIF image and retracted their false claims)

[Images via Calvin Klein/Breathe Heavy/Instagram]

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