Yolanda Foster’s Husband To Judge ‘Asia’s Got Talent’: Continues Support During Treatment

Yolanda Foster has been a huge supporter of her husband’s musical career and she is often revealing that he is traveling the world and performing while she stays home to raise her children. But it sounds like Foster is now getting the support from her husband. It is no secret that Yolanda has been battling lyme disease for quite some time, and that she recently suffered a major relapse.

Yolanda Foster has been traveling around the world to try various kinds of treatment, and she has been spending plenty of time in Seoul. And it sounds like she loves the treatment she is getting there, since David Foster is now accepting work in Asia. This week, it was announced that Foster would be helping the judging panel on Asia’s Got Talent.

According to a new Bravo report, Yolanda Foster could be the reason behind David’s recent decision. Yolanda has revealed that she is super excited and proud of her husband. Yolanda posted the official poster from the show, along with the caption that she is clearly happy for him. And it sounds like he is looking forward to helping aspiring singers and entertainers.

“Congrats my love on this exciting new chapter,” Yolanda Foster tweeted, while sharing the picture from the event.

“Thrilled to have been selected as a judge for @asiasgottalent!” David wrote himself on Twitter, adding, “This is going to be fun.”

David Foster will be joined by Spice Girl Mel C, Chinese-American singer Vanness Wu, and Indonesian singer-songwriter Anggun. Of course, Foster has plenty of musical experience, so the Asian singers will have quite a bit of experience to tap into. So, why is David saying yes to judging a show filmed in Asia?

Well, with Yolanda Foster’s recent relapse with her lyme disease, she could be spending more time in Seoul. And since Seoul is indeed in Asia, it could be that he is just trying to get more work there to be part of a great support system for Yolanda.

And it will be good for Yolanda to have that support system overseas. According to the Inquisitr, Foster has been looking at the positive aspects of her lyme disease. As she revealed recently, she is focusing on the rainbows instead of the thunderstorms. Plus, Yolanda has been celebrating her birthday overseas while getting treatments.

What do you think of Yolanda Foster’s treatment? Do you think David is in Asia for her?

[Image via Twitter]