Kate Gosselin, Kids In Danger? Rumored Millionaire Boyfriend Has ‘Troubling’ Past

Are Kate Gosselin and her eight children in danger?

A new report claims that the reality star’s new millionaire boyfriend has a troubling past. According to InTouch Weekly, Jeff Prescott and his ex-wife didn’t have the best relationship, and some of their arguments turned violent. The magazine uncovered court documents that suggest that Kate could be dealing with a man who has anger-management issues.

“According to the document, in 2005, police came to their Barnstable, Mass., home to settle a dispute after she claimed Prescott had flown into a jealous rage. Then in 2006, Jones alleged that Prescott ‘threw me against a wall … put both hands around my neck and told me, I will f***ing kill you,’ during a heated argument in a Tennessee hotel room.”

Kate Gosselin has denied that she has been having a romantic relationship with Jeff Prescott, however. According to Extra TV, the reality star (who is currently on The Celebrity Apprentice) said that she and Prescott have been working together on a business venture, but that the two are not dating, despite reports to the contrary. Kate was not specific, however, on any details pertaining to what she and Prescott have been working on together.

“Oh whatever, I’m not dating him. He’s a business guy. We’re working on a business deal, and he’s a great guy, a nice guy, but they always make up all these stories … Okay, I get it. Everybody wants to me to be dating somebody by now. I get the hint.”

Kate added that she really doesn’t have time to date someone, as she is focused on her children.

“I don’t ever leave my house. This is the like first time I left my house in a long time, unless you count Target and the grocery store. My kids are my priority and they keep me plenty busy.”

Of course, Kate Gosselin also has to support her family, so she does do what she can to make money. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate is still working with TLC, and her family’s reality show, Kate Plus 8, is back on for another season (the first episode aired on Tuesday night). Also, as mentioned above, Kate did The Celebrity Apprentice to raise money for charity. So far, Kate has made it a few weeks without getting fired (the show airs on Monday nights on NBC). Do you think she’ll last?

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