Prince George Received 7 Times More Gifts Last Year Than Queen Elizabeth, Kensington Palace Reveals

Prince George may only be one year old, but he is adored across the globe. In fact, the Kensington Palace revealed that the tiny future king received seven times more gifts than Queen Elizabeth herself. What types of items did the royal baby receive?

The Telegraph reports that Prince George received 706 gifts abroad just last year. This total does not include gifts from within the United Kingdom, which would bring that total to well over a thousand. Queen Elizabeth, by comparison, received just over 100 gifts. Prince George also out-gifted his royal parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who received 678 gifts between the two of them. The majority of Prince George’s gifts came from his visit to Australia and New Zealand during the spring of 2014. The royal baby received 671 of his gifts during the visit.

The gifts ranged from one-of-a-kind to practical. Some of the more exotic gifts received by Prince George were some sheepskin boots, a possum skin cloak, and an elaborate rocking horse.

The Telegraph notes that the strong majority of the gifts the young prince received were toys, books, and clothing items. According to their review, Prince George received “249 toys and games, 138 items of clothing, 143 books, 25 pieces of sporting equipment and 11 ‘household items,'” from members of the public in New Zealand and Australia.

Queen Elizabeth also received some unusual gifts from her visits abroad. The list includes a miniature throne from the Game of Thrones series, a chess piece made on a 3D printer, tribal arrows, and a framed origami bird.

Time outlined some of the more unusual gifts in Kensington Palace’s annual royal gifts review.

“The most surprising gifts included:

  • a miniature throne from the Game of Thrones series (given to Queen Elizabeth)
  • a PhD thesis (given to Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)
  • an automatic rifle, decommissioned (given to — who else? — Prince Harry)
  • 12 boxes of mangos (given to Prince Andrew)
  • an Arctic Monkey’s CD (given to Prince Andrew)
  • Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices (given to Prince Andrew)”

Are you wondering what items came from the United States? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received a basket of honey from the Obama family as well as two hand-crafted tribal arrows from Maryland’s Society of Colonial Wars.

What do you think of the royal gift review? Do any items stand out to you? Did you expect Prince George to beat out Queen Elizabeth for the most royal gifts received?

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