Kim Kardashian vs. Linday Lohan: Find Out Whose New Game Flopped Harder

Lindsay Lohan might have wanted to wait a bit before following in the steps of reality tv starlet Kim Kardashian. It turns out that early projections declaring that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood would earn about $200 million were overly optimistic.

It’s easy to understand why observers expected big things for Kim K.’s game.

It was the hit of the summer, and it seemed everyone was addicted to the mini-thrill of being a faux celebrity. But then winter rolled around and interest in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood went into a sharp decline. The game only earned $43 million during the third quarter, and though numbers aren’t out until February, it’s expected that the earnings aren’t going to be anywhere near early estimates.

But before you weep for Kardashian, there is good news for the aspiring mogul.

First, of the millions that the game has made and will likely make, Kim is expected to earn a whopping 45 percent of net profits. While no one will probably care about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood this time next year, at least Kardashian is set to walk away from her project will millions in earnings! The only relative downside is that when it comes to apps, people tend to get relatively bored relatively fast, making a decline in earnings practically inevitable.

The outlook for Kim might have made you wonder the Lindsay Lohan app The Price of Fame performed? After all, many speculated that Lohan’s cut-throat version of Hollywood would pose a serious challenge.

Unfortunately for Lohan, her take on Hollywood fame went largely unnoticed. According to Jezebel, Linsday Lohan’s The Price Of Fame barely made a splash on the iTunes top-selling games chart. Apparently, the Lindsay Lohan product showed up briefly in the Top 350 best-selling games and then faded into obscurity. In other words, no matter how disappointing Hollywood proves to be for Kim Kardashian, her version of a flop will still be far more profitable than the effort put forth by former gal pal Lindsay Lohan.

This has to be a supreme embarrassment for Lohan, who was reportedly sued over her game.

Kim Kardashian seems to have a bigger back of tricks to pull from in order to strengthen her brand as sales for her game go south. Her nude photo shoots may not have broken the internet, but they proved that Kim K. is still a social media phenomenon. Lindsay Lohan may have to buckle down and give us a tell-all biography if she wants to make a truly successful money-making venture happen.

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