Kirstie Alley Wants To Do Wicked Things With Justin Bieber On A ‘Booty Call’

Kirstie Alley has long had a thing for the Justin Bieber. And last Friday, she made sure the whole world knew about it.

During an appearance on the brand new Rachael Ray Show, the actress played a game of “Marry, Make Out or Move On,” with choices of Bieber, Harry Styles, and Nick Jonas, Alley didn’t hesitate to pick the Canadian singer.

Declaring she wanted to make out with the “Baby” singer, the 64-year-old gushed, “Let’s go ‘make out’ first because we’ve all seen Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein [photos]. He’s so handsome,” Kirstie then added. “What a handsome man. I’m just all over Justin Bieber. I want to make out with him.”

That’s quite the cougar confession. Explaining her choices, Alley said of Styles, “I want to marry Harry because I want to go on tour with him, because I want to seem younger.”

Clearly that meant Jonas was out. “I’m not so familiar with Mr. Jonas, but he’s very cute,” Kirstie continued tactfully, before returning to her favorite topic.

“He’s just not a booty call like Bieber,” she added.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The hitmaker gazes dreamily during the New York filmed photoshoot)

It’s not surprising to hear the Jenny Craig spokeswoman express her Bieber Fever.

Last September, when Justin was booed by the audience at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in New York City, when he co-presented at Fashion Rocks, Kirstie tweeted words of support about the heartthrob after the event.

Fast forward to the arrival of Bieber and co-star model Lara Stone’s Calvin Klein billboards in New York City and Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles last week.

An excited Alley tweeted, “YIKES If Bieber looked any sexier in his 20 foot NYC Calvin billboard I would faint!!! Man oh man.”

The bubbly actress, who recently lost 50 pounds of weight, also shared she is looking for a new guy.

“They don’t have to be funny, but they have to be witty and quick,” Kirstie told host Ray. “I have to have someone who also loves to watch TV at night — Forensic Files, for example, or Law & Order.”

Hmm. We don’t think Bieber fits that bill. The oft-shirtless singer appears to be more of a Nerf guns and video games kind of guy.

It looks like Kirstie’s desire to “make out” with the Biebs is destined to remain a fantasy.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The Biebs channels his inner ‘Marky Mark’)
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