iPhone 6 Plus May Dominate Smartphone Market, Including Samsung Galaxy S6, Note

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus may take over the smartphone market. The phone is expected to dominate the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note. A Canaccord Genuity survey of U.S. cell phone carriers found that Apple’s leading the pack with its iPhone 6 Plus phone. The brand is tops when it comes to high-end smartphones. The iPhone 6 Plus is expected to top the list, with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 in third place.

According to ZDNet, Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is expected to dominate the U.S. smartphone market in all four major U.S. carriers. The trend right now is smartphones with larger screens. These are the types of devices that consumers want, and the type of phones that carriers want to create. The latest information about the iPhone 6 Plus sales come from Canaccord Genuity’s analyst, Michael Walkley.

Consumers are now waiting for Apple to catch up with the iPhone 6 Plus demand. They’re also wondering how many smartphones the popular brand can sell. Smartphone sales turbulence has an impact on both tech vendors and the supply chain. Apple is already grabbing the high-end market’s attention with the release of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones. That’s creating some pressure on Samsung to release larger, high-end phones.

Most consumers don’t consider Samsung as a high-end smartphone brand. Apple is typically the first name that comes to mind. But that’s not stopping Samsung from competing with the iPhone 6 Plus with its Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note phones.


Apple is still attaining new customers with its future upgrade cycles. Supply should catch up with demand, as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is likely to get more sales at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in March. Apple’s sales are expected to exceed sales of Android’s future launches.

The iPhone 6 is also getting some competition from the HTC One (M9) Hima. This phone is expected to be released in quarter 1 of 2015, according to TFJ. The design is currently a secret, but it’s expected to measure at 144.3×69.4×9.6, which makes it slightly larger than the iPhone 6 Plus.


The Hima also runs the newest Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, with a quad core of 1.5GHz Cortex-A53 and quad core 2GHz Cortex-A57 processor. This smartphone is also built for power and efficiency, with its Android Lollipop OS, which is aimed at the newest generation of processors. The Hima also includes features like a 4MP front camera and a dual 20.7MP back camera with a dual-LED flash.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus isn’t just outshining other smartphones. It’s also outshining the iPad Mini. The iPhone 6 Plus is stealing the spotlight when it comes to its ease of use. The iPad Mini measures at 7.9 inches. The iPhone 6 Plus costs $749, while the iPad Mini is significantly cheaper. However, most Apple users are willing to dish an extra $299 for a smaller phone with a two-year contract.

[Image by AKuo Yeh on Flickr via Creative Commons]

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