Bullied Teen Throws Herself In Front of Bus, Suicide Note Attached

A Staten Island teenager succumbed to her wounds today after throwing herself in front of a city bus with a suicide note attached. Amanda Diane Cummings, 15 lived on New York’s Long Island and was described as a gentile girls by those who loved her.

Amanda had sent her mother a text saying she would be home soon, but thirty minutes later her mom was upset that she hadn’t heard anything more from her. Her mother received a call from police that a Jane Doe had been brought into the hospital after being hit by the bus and it was her daughter.

Relatives said she was popular at school, but recently she had been tormented by a group of girls at New Dorp High School over an older man.

Her uncle had commented that the group of teens taunted her mercilessly at school. They took her phone and jacket and even wrote horrible things about her on her Facebook page as she lay dying at Staten Island University Hospital.

Her Uncle, Keith Cummings, vowed to go after the bullies and make sure they are held responsible for this.

He Told the New York Daily News,

“I’m not going to tolerate this. I’m gonna go full force. Kids can’t do this to each other.”

Over the last few years bullying has taken center stage in the debate over how children behave. There have been many high profile suicides throughout the country from teens and young adults who can’t shake the bully’s wrath.

Several celebrities have embraced the cause of stopping bullying in its tracks.

TIm Gunn has released a movie talking to gay teens about how he tried to kill himself because of his own despair when he was 17 but was so glad it was unsuccessful. Lady Gaga has taken to the airwaves in many different ways through song and a mini video (see below) to decry bullying. Facebook and Time Warner teamed up recently to create a Stop Bullying app!

Amanda Cummings mother said she has no feelings towards the bullies, except sadness that it had to lead to something like this.

Amanda Cummings family has set up a memorial blog for her at http://inmemoryofamandacummings.blogspot.com.

Check out Lady Gaga’s plea to stop teen bullying.

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