Woman’s Body Found In Daughter’s House: Decomposing Body Found In Apartment, Police Say She Was ‘Dead For Months’

A woman’s body was found in her daughter’s house in Gloversville, New York, and authorities say she has been dead in the home for several months. According to People Magazine, the dead body of Hope Ruller, 94, was found during a welfare check, lying in her bed. What is bizarre about this story is that Ruller’s daughter lives in the apartment upstairs, and the medical examiner believes that the woman had been dead for well over a year. So how did the woman’s daughter not know — or did she?

“They are unable to determine cause of death due to severe decomposition of the body at this time, but they are able to rule out blunt force trauma or penetrating objects,” said Gloversville Police Chief Donald Van Deusen.

The woman’s body that was found in her daughter’s house went unnoticed for unknown reasons. In fact, Ruller’s daughter told people that her mom was doing well. One of Ruller’s sons said that he sent his mom a check for Christmas, and that the check was cashed. Police are now looking into the woman’s financial records, and many believe that Ruller’s daughter may have known about her mom’s passing long before she was found.

According to My Fox 8, some people are confused as to how Ruller’s daughter didn’t know her mom was dead.

“Your mother’s your mother. You’re going to tell me, in all this time, you don’t go and look [in] on your mother downstairs? Knock on the door,” neighbor Alberta Cordone said.

Police have yet to say whether or not they suspect foul play in the case, but have been interviewing family members in conjunction with the case. Ruller’s daughter has not been arrested.

Another woman’s body was found dead, but not in her daughter’s home, a couple of weeks ago. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a 63-year-old Illinois woman was found dead in her garage after being dead for about a year. It is unclear why none of the woman’s family members reached out to her over the year.

“[Sunantha] Simmons lived alone in her Illinois home, as neighbors stated her husband had died about 10 years ago. She was originally from Thailand, and taught English at a university in Thailand so students could have a second language. While there has been no indication yet as to whether the woman died via old age or illness, some neighbors suspect that she was sick.”

[Photo courtesy of People Magazine]

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