Google Acquires Over 200 IBM Patents, Covers Multiple Technologies

In the World of tech patents, Google scored a big win today with the acquisition of 217 patents from IBM. Patent wars have been heating up the last couple years, most notably with Apple and their never ending quest of going after mobile phone manufacturers.

Of the 217 patents that Google acquired, 188 were granted while the other 29 are still pending. Below is a small example of the kinds of patents from IBM:

  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Mobile advertising
  • Rendering web pages on mobile devices
  • Voice search
  • Update delivery for mobile operating systems
  • Reducing load on wireless networks
  • VOIP

Google has been very proactive in acquiring tech patents, especially with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the mobile division of Motorola. From the $12.5 Billion deal, they also received a whopping 17,000 patents with, at the time back in August, 7,500 pending.

Going forward, this means a number of things for Google. For one, they have better security when it comes to patent lawsuits and potential issues in that aspect. Also, it gives them the ability to leverage existing patents, patents that they have, for their own use in Android and other products, without any possible conflicts.

As mobile and technology as a whole continues to grow, the number of lawsuits continue to grow as well. Having a strategy such as Google, that is being proactive and acquiring things of such value, is very smart and will help them cover their bases as time goes on. Google has been known for their innovation and these patents will likely be put to good use.

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