‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Episode 3 Brings Jimmy Kimmel, Manure And Wedding Crashing

Chris Soules has had his first dates for ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season and he’s sent another handful of women home, now that Episode 2 is over. What can fans expect from Episode 3, airing on January 19? There are some Bachelor spoilers available and viewers seemingly will be in for quite the treat.

Fans are in for a comedic treat as talk show host and Bachelor fan Jimmy Kimmel will be on hand for this show. Chris Soules and the ladies are still in Los Angeles for this episode and Kimmel “takes over” for host Chris Harrison in this third episode. The Bachelor preview Monday night showed that Jimmy will pop up and wake Soules up in the morning as filming for the third episode begins, and he’ll stick around through the dates for Monday’s show.

Photos for Episode 3 reveal Bachelor spoilers that 12 of the bachelorettes will join Jimmy and Chris on a group date. This one will have a farm-themed relay race and the ladies will be challenged to show that they can embrace the duties of living on a farm. There will be goat milking, manure shoveling, and wrestling with a greased pig.

It seems that one gal perceived as an underdog will win the relay over a “brash woman in top physical shape.” The group will go on to have an after party and one gal has a bit too much to drink. Most Bachelor fans would say that this is already a theme this season, though a couple of the key drinkers were sent home during Episode 2 on Monday night.

Which lady tosses back a few too many this time? That much isn’t known, but whoever it is apparently confronts Soules about how many women he’s been kissing. While it hasn’t been revealed quite yet which lady gets this group date rose, she is said to be a “dignified and self-possessed charmer.”

As for the other dates in this episode, the Akron Beacon Journal teases that Chris and Kaitlyn Bristowe will be tricked into believing they are headed to a high-end club for a date. The reality, however, is that apparently Chris and Kaitlyn somehow end up throwing Kimmel a dinner party.

Other Bachelor spoilers indicate that Chris and Whitney Bischoff get a date and they will spend the day in wine country. They will come across a wedding taking place and, apparently, they will crash the event. During another date, Jimmy crashes Soules’ pad when Chris is having an intimate dinner with one lady. At some point in this episode, Kimmel will also end up in a hot tub.

During the cocktail party, Juelia will open up to Chris about the tough times she’s had and another woman has what is said to be an epic meltdown. Three ladies will be sent home by the end of the rose ceremony, but which ones are left without roses? Reality Steve’s spoilers haven’t yet pinned down those specifics, though he has laid out the eliminations later in the season.

Will Ashley S. receive a rose in this next episode? Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that she will go out in a big way, and likely not at a rose ceremony. Could that be the epic meltdown teased for the cocktail party? Steve says that Ashley goes off on both Chris and the producers about things and it sounds like fans will want to brace themselves for that one, though it isn’t clear yet whether that comes in Episode 3 or 4.

Which ladies are headed home in this episode? Right now there are no confirmed Bachelor spoilers on that one, though there are a few bachelorettes likely to be in trouble. Naturally, Ashley S. is in that group, and those at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forum would indicate that Tracy, Trina, Amber and perhaps Nikki may be packing their bags soon as well. There may be more details out soon via Reality Steve’s spoilers, though he has guessed Amber, Trina, and Tracy as possibly being the next eliminated bachelorettes.

Bachelor spoilers indicate that Chris Soules is in love and fans can’t wait to see how it all comes together. ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season airs Monday nights and fans have definitely been entertained so far.

[Image via John Fleenor/ABC]

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