Kathy Rowe Couple Dream Home: 53-Year-Old Sentenced After Tormenting Couple Who Bought Her ‘Dream Home’

Kathy Rowe tormented a couple who bought her dream home, and now she is paying the price. According to People Magazine, this all started back in 2011 when Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter outbid Kathy Rowe on a home in San Diego County. Rowe was so furious that she did whatever she could think of to sabotage the couple, and she went to great lengths to cause quite a few serious problems for them both.

“Their home was mysteriously listed for sale on the Internet, their mail suddenly stopped over Christmas, and they were inundated with over $1,000 worth of magazines and books they had not ordered.”

Kathy Rowe wanted the couple in her dream home to be miserable, apparently as miserable as she was after losing out on the sale. She went so far as to post an internet ad for sex with Ruhter, and even listed the couple’s home address as the “Caramel Valley Freak Show.” Beyond that, Rowe was accused of sending Valentine’s Day cards to several females in the neighborhood, signing them with Rice’s name.

The couple went to police when they realized that these incidents were orchestrated, and not just a strange bout of weird coincidences. It didn’t take long to trace these incidents back to Kathy Rowe, a former “Mother of the Year.” She was arrested and charged with two felony counts of solicitation of rape and sodomy and several misdemeanor counts, including harassment and stalking.

People Magazine reported the following.

“Rowe was sentenced to a year of home electronic surveillance, five years of probation, and ordered to stay away from the couple for 10 years.”

Kathy Rowe seemed sorry for terrorizing the couple who lived in her dream home. According to Jezebel, Superior Court Judge Kathleen Lewis believed that Rowe was “remorseful” for her actions. She said that she recognized two different sides of Rowe.

“[She said she] saw an almost ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ in Rowe, contrasting her devotion as a mother to a severely disabled daughter and a wife to an ill husband, to the horrendous nature of the terror campaign waged against the victims, including a plot to have Ruhter raped.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, another tormentor got what some say he deserved. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a bully got beat up after punching his victim, and the whole thing was caught on video. You can check out that story here.

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