Amy Duggar Sexy Photos: Cousin Defies Family’s Conservative Ways

There’s always one in every family, and the Duggars are no exception. Viewers of 19 Kids and Counting are charmed by watching the girls growing up, getting boyfriends, getting hitched and bearing kids of their own — and doing so under a strict Christian Conservative upbringing. However, one rebel cousin, Amy Duggar, a self-described “wild card,” is walking to the beat of her own drum. And the recent string of sexy bikini photos and party pictures on Instagram is shaking up the internet.

Amy, 28, has dreams of making music and building a career as a country singer, according to RadarOnline. The Duggar songstress has a modest 175,000 followers on social media, compared to Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and Jill (Duggar) Dillard, both of whom have 1 million and 982,000 followers on Instagram, respectively. However, that number is likely to climb for Amy in the wake of her recent flesh-baring pictures shared with fans on the site.

Amy Duggar in teeny bikini

Amy Duggar, unlike her cousins — especially one who loves working out to Pastor Rick Warren sermons — has been posting party pics and sharing sexy photos of her in teeny bikinis. The A Duggar Leaves Home star even doesn’t shy away from posing in shots of her kissing new beau, Dillon King. Is Amy going rogue or trying to find her way?

Amy Duggar kissing boyfriend

The TLC reality television stars of 19 Kids and Counting are portrayed as Independent Baptists, with semblances to the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie fictional TV families. While Amy identifies as being a believer and practitioner of Christian ideology, she likes to think of herself as a free spirit who loves to take risks. And this Duggar cousin is not above donning charming dresses while taking the plunge.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King
Amy and Dillon

“I love them so much and respect them more than words but I am a bit of a wild card. Just because my last name is Duggar doesn’t mean a thing. I’m just a regular girl, I’m going to try my hardest. There’s no guarantees. But come on someone’s got to make it!”

Amy with fishnet photo

While some are critical of Amy Duggar’s defiance to strict Baptist values, some applaud her for trying to live life on her own terms, even if it means drawing long eyes from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar or the rest of the Tontitown, Arkansas First Family of reality media entertainment.

It’s unknown if the Duggars are quietly pushing for her to reel in her lifestyles for their namesake. However, on the surface, and from the images seen on her photo-sharing site, one thing is clear: Amy Duggar is still welcome into the household, sexy bikini photos or not.

[Image via: iPixler, RadarOnline, Instagram]

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