Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ Through The Strings of 2Cellos [Video]

When Avicii came up with that famous track, “Wake me Up,” it was probably not envisioned as being played on a cello (or two). Now, the version by 2Cellos is in the process of going viral on YouTube.

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of 2Cellos have successfully covered many famous tracks, including everything from Sting to Iron Maiden and from Mumford & Sons to AC/DC. One of their most popular videos to date has been their version of “Thunderstruck,” started in the style of a Viennese concert and ending with dramatic and cello-destroying strokes.

Their own version of “Highway to Hell” featuring Steve Vai, was bashed out in a music store and was pretty stirring too, achieving over seven million views on YouTube.

Classic FM now reports the two guys have brought out their own version of “Wake Me Up” in their own inimitable style. Published on January 6, the video has already achieved over one million views and counting.

What’s fascinating about this particular video is that 2Cellos actually takes us on a journey from their humble beginnings at music school, showing us how they learned to play the cello, right through their crazy, head-banging “Wake Me Up” performance in a night club and then on and up to the present day.

The music video even heads into the future in 2069, where the guys, looking somewhat more elderly, manage to wreak havoc in an old age home. According to the video, their future will include inciting riots among the elderly folk, who gradually start tapping their walkers and feet and generally getting into the party mood as their nurses try to get them under control.

The guys play “Wake Me Up” with their cello bows held firmly in their dentures. Or should we say, the bow held the dentures firmly as we see later? Whatever, it certainly takes us through time quite well for a four minute video and a popular music track.

Just for convenience, you can also compare their lively version with the original, featuring Aloe Blacc on vocals. That version (included below) was the third largest-selling UK single last year.

On that subject, The Inquisitr published an article last month telling how the song “Wake Me Up” is, apparently, the most “shazamed” song of all time. The app allows music lovers to detect a song that’s playing, giving the artist and title, and according to Shazam, “Wake me Up” was identified 19 million times. Not bad going indeed. How far do you think 2Cellos can go with their version in 2015?

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]

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