Conchita Wurst: Bearded Woman Seen At Golden Globe Awards

The imagine of entertainer Conchita Wurst might be the most memorable for many viewers of the 2015 Golden Globe awards. Conchita Wurst appeared as a bearded woman, at the Golden Globes, PopCrush reported. Conchita Wurst is the drag persona of a recording artist who was born as Thomas Neuwirth.

PopCrush cited the web site of Conchita Wurst,, as describing the relationship between Neuwirth and Wurst like this: “The private person and the fictional character respect and appreciate each other. They are two independent personalities with their respective individual life stories and they both take a strong stance for tolerance and against discrimination.”

The aspect of Conchita Wurst that attracted attention is the feminine appearance combined with the masculine looking bearded face. The appearance of Conchita Wurst defies what many consider to be traditional ideas of how women and men are thought to appear.

The Huffington Post declared green to be Conchita Wurst’s color, the color the dress the entertainer wore at the Golden Globes, and reported on the attire of Conchita Wurst, “Wurst looked gorgeous on the red carpet at the Golden Globes Sunday night dressed in a belted emerald green gown with a blush bustier. She completed the look with a small clutch and pumps.”

“We are all artists. We perform and entertain people in very different ways and we should be allowed to do that without being scared,” the International Business Times quoted Conchita Wurst as saying, “So this is why this event, obviously, is beyond glamorous and great. But on the other hand, it’s so important to stand up and show everybody we are not afraid and we will keep doing what we love without being scared.”

Conchita Wurst was the “Bearded Lady” that stunned at the Golden Globes, the Inquisitr reported last night. The article stated that Conchita Wurst “rocked some serious facial hair” in reference to the impossible to ignore beard.

“So who is Conchita Wurst? As it turns out Wurst is a successful Austrian singer who has been an advocate for LGBT rights. Wurst, who also goes by the name Tom Neuwirth, is openly gay and refers to himself as a male, but refers to his drag persona Conchita in female pronouns. What remains constant is his beard,” The Inquisitr reported on Conchita Wurst.

It is clear that Thomas Neuwirth, appearing at the Golden Globes as Conchita Wurst, attracted attention and perhaps stole the show. Conchita Wurst spoke for freedom of expression at the awards, and by appearing in the persona of Conchita Wurst, certainly made impression on many.

Imagine of Conchita Wurst from Wikipedia profile.

[Photo: Albin Olsson License: CC-BY-SA-3.0]

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