Nick Viall Shares Chris Soules ‘Bachelor’ Thoughts, Juan Pablo Galavis Not Watching

One person who’s really enjoying Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor is Nick Viall. For both the show’s premiere and second episodes, Nick shared his reactions and opinions live via Twitter.

As the second episode aired Monday night, Nick tweeted that the season “really seems very promising!” He may be thinking that Chris, with whom he competed with on The Bachelorette for Andi Dorfman, really will find his wife among the group of women. What’s more likely, however, is that Nick was just being his sarcastic self.

Nick has made some very funny observations on The Bachelor‘s crazier contestants. He said that he wants to personally thank Chris for keeping Ashley S., who keeps making incomprehensible statements, around for another week. As for Jordan, who drinks more than she should, Nick said that her mom “could not be more proud of her.”

Nick Viall also retweeted Kelly Travisty’s tweet that “aliens existing is more believable than these girls looking forward to moving to Iowa.”

Kelly has some insight on the show since she was on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor with Andi. Kelly has remained good friends with Andi and hung out with her, as well as with Sharleen Joynt and Nikki Ferrell, at the show’s live premiere event last Monday. Kelly has not shared whether she thought aliens existing would have been more believable than Andi and Josh Murray’s relationship lasting.

Unlike Viall, Juan Pablo Galavis isn’t watching the show. In response to a fan’s question on whether he’s watching Chris Soules try to find his wife, Juan Pablo said that he isn’t.

“Already KNOW the end RESULT,” he tweeted, ending the tweet with a winking emoticon.

Perhaps Juan Pablo meant that he already knows the end result because he read the Reality Steve spoiler? Or perhaps he’s sarcastically saying that he, based on his own experience with the show and the show’s track record, knows that the end result won’t be good?

While Juan Pablo Galavis isn’t watching The Bachelor, his ex, Nikki Ferrell, sure is. Like Nick Viall, she live tweeted the second episode. Unfortunately for her fans, whether she’ll do it again remains to be seen, since she found live tweeting the show to be a lot of work.

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