Duggar Kids Bullied: They’ve Been ‘Ridiculed By Snobby Sophisticates,’ Mike Huckabee Says In His Book

The Duggar kids have had their share of being bullied. This new claim about the 19 Kids and Counting stars are in a book that just came out that’s written by former Republican presidential candidate and Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee. The book titled, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, has a section in it where Huckabee writes about his experience with Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 children.

Radaronline has various quotes on their website on what Huckabee spills about the Duggar kids.

Huckabee says that Jim Bob and Michelle’s children are “every parent’s dream” in their “attitudes toward each other, their parents, and their chores.”

“I’ve marveled at the exemplary manners and behavior of all their children.”

According to the political figure, Josh, Jana, Jessa, Jill, — and their other brothers and sisters — have apparently “endured relentless and vicious ridicule from the snobby and snotty sophisticates.”

The 59-year-old, who’s considering a second run for president in 2016, goes further into his claims by saying the bullies “exemplify their own jealousy of how well-behaved the Duggar kids are compared to the little hellions and yuppie larvae created by the critics of the Duggars.”

Huckabee might hit a nerve with those who oppose the Duggars and their beliefs. The family is often criticized for pushing their religious views onto others, and are accused of using their platform of fame as a means of “spreading” bigotry and hate. When Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar invited happily married couples to post images of “wedded bliss” on their Facebook page, a handful of homosexual couples added their picture, and they were immediately removed. This stirred a huge controversy among the LGBT community. So much so, that a petition was created at Change.org in November with the goal of having TLC cancel 19 Kids and Counting. Nearly 200,000 people signed it.

Conservatives and right-wing supporters defended the Duggars by saying the attacks thrown at them were a direct result of the “liberal media’s propaganda machine,” as Salon reported at the time. The hashtag #DefendTheDuggars was started by LifeSiteNews, and circulated in the ongoing dispute between the family’s supporters and their critics. The American Family Association generated a similar message in support of the famous Christian family.

The Duggar family definitely takes some hits as the price they pay for being on reality television. They’re on a highly-rated show and exude a kind of happiness many long for, despite the fact many of their beliefs are perceived as too extreme. Their conservative values are especially reflected on strict rules when it comes to dating and marriage.

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