Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Gain: Twitter Trolls Call Her ‘Fat’ And Worse

Kelly Clarkson’s postpartum figure has been the subject of both criticism and defense from fans. The star has long struggled with weight issues, frequently fluctuating in weight.

Kelly Clarkson seems to be the latest victim of Twitter trolls when she was targeted by haters who made fun of her weight gain after her appearance on the inaugural American Country Countdown Awards on December 15.

Twitter users hit out at the singer with vicious remarks.

“I can’t believe how fat Kelly Clarkson got”

“Omg Kelly Clarkson is so fat! :(”

“Lord Kelly Clarkson got fat”

“Omg Kelly clarkson you fat a**! [sic]”

Clarkson gave birth to her first child, a daughter she named River Rose, in June, 2014. While she has publicly committed to losing her baby weight, she has said it is not a priority at this time. Some fans, however, were quite cruel regarding a picture of both Clarkson and even her baby daughter. In the comments section of the Unreality Primetime section of the article, someone left a scathing comment.

“Kelly is extremely out of hand with her weight, and the sad part of it is she doesn’t give a damn. Also, her adorable little baby is on her way to being fat. Take a look at the child’s arm. Babies are cute when they are a bit chubby but not too much so.”

While it seems downright mean the way that people are calling her out on her weight, it is possible that some fans are worried about her health. According to Medline Health, most moms should shed half their baby weight by six weeks postpartum, and the other half by six months postpartum. This leads to optimal health for the mother and the chances that she will not remain heavier after childbirth indefinitely.

And, Kelly had a very nonchalant response to her pregnancy weight gain back in 2013.

“Everybody calls me fat all the time, so I can’t wait to have a reason, instead of everybody just being a jerk! I’ve never been Gisele Bündchen, so ain’t nobody expectin’ that! I like to set a [low] standard so people don’t expect a lot.”

Every woman is different, and Kelly may lose her baby weight at a different pace than other women. Most stars lose their baby weight so quickly that it’s not realistic for most women. However, stars are in the limelight, and their every pound is going to be scrutinized. While Kelly has publicly struggled with her weight, many fans feel this is the heaviest she has ever appeared.

What do you think, readers? Is it unfair to comment on Kelly’s weight seven months after the birth of River Rose?

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