Did Eminem Just Do Something Nice For A Change?

Eminem isn’t exactly known for a long history of being a people pleaser. Even since his recent re-emergence with new music, Eminem has been tied up in quite a few testy public spats, including one where he rapped about punching Lana Del Rey and raping Iggy Azalea. Recent events aside, it’s easy to say that Eminem has painted himself as an aggressor, or at the very least an antagonizer, over the course of his nearly 20-year career.

Of course, there have been other facets to the controversial public figure: Eminem practically played himself in the somewhat sentimental 2002 film, 8 Mile, and even some of his music has appeared to renege on some of his more shocking statements. This soft side of Eminem was once again on display as he visited 17-year-old boy, Gage Garmo, who was recently given only a week to live after a nearly four-year battle with terminal cancer.

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According to local paper The Daily Tribune, Eminem dropped by Gage’s home Sunday to meet with the ailing young man. They talked about “football, school and a recent Eminem concert Garmo attended.” Gage, who recently had his leg amputated in the hopes of halting the cancer, is now losing lung function due to the spread of the disease. When Gage’s fatal condition became clear, friends and family began a Twitter campaign to fulfill his last wish: meeting Eminem.

Getting Eminem and Garmo in the same room was also facilitated by the Rainbow Connection, a local charity that seeks to grant final requests for children with terminal illnesses. Wish director Ingrid Todt said that Gage was ecstatic to meet Eminem in person.

“The smile he had on his face when Eminem was sitting next to him was out of this world. His parents said they haven’t seen him smile like that in quite a while. It’s exactly what wishes are all about.”

Eminem’s good deed hasn’t gone unnoticed. Response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive toward the act, with many saluting Eminem for his selflessness.

Even though Garmo was able to meet Eminem, his family will still be left with crippling medical bills from years of care. A GoFundMe campaign has been started by Gage’s classmates, who will be graduating without him later this spring.

What did you think of Eminem’s gesture?

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