Valentines Day 2015: Sexy And Geeky Date Ideas

Running short on date ideas for Valentine’s Day? Don’t lose hope yet. You can tantalize your date with a sexy dinner date. Or if you’re both geeks, you may enjoy something that utilizes your minds rather than your bodies.

If you and your sweetie are huge geeks, you will love this list of 50 Geeky Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day on Sometimes, overpriced restaurants aren’t the way to your sweetie’s stomach or heart. Here are some ideas that combine technology, video games, and science for a unique and special Valentine’s night.

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas that you may enjoy.

  1. Bundle up, pack a dinner picnic, and head to the park for some stargazing.
  2. Watch Contact (for the millionth time).
  3. Go to a science museum.
  4. Hit the natural history museum and check out your favorite dino bones.
  5. Go retro – grab a roll of quarters, a slice or two, and hit the pizza parlor arcade.
  6. Build your own planetarium with glow-in-the-dark stickers.
  7. Catch up with the Doctor Who craze by watching the series from the beginning.
  8. Throw a Star Wars party for two.
  9. Whip up a batch of Cloud 9 mojitos (complete with mason jar glasses) and have a Battlestar Galactica date.
  10. Visit Nerdy Day Trips and find geeky stuff to do near you.

You can even take on a science scavenger hunt at the Museum of Science and Industry, or go on a wizarding hunt at the Harry Potter exhibit at the Art Institute, both of which are located in Chicago.

If you want to plan a sexy Valentine’s date, then look no further than Naked at the Art Institute Scavenger Hunt. This exclusive exhibit will open on February 14, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. For a total of $41, you’ll get to do the following.

“Scrutinize bathing beauties, peeping Toms, sultry sirens, a muscle man who’ll ruin his birthday suit while wrestling a lion, a woman enjoying a golden shower from Zeus, cads and cuckolds, provocative Picassos, dangerous natives, a mystic who has gone too far with the Slimfast, and much more.”

You don’t have to show up naked at this exhibit on Valentine’s Day. But the according to the Chicagoist, you have the option expose yourself with many of the nude residents that will show up. It looks like clothing is optional at this very sensual Valentine’s exhibit. Tickets are available now; click here to find out more.

Not feeling geeky or sexy? Don’t worry, there are other Valentine’s Day activities for every kind of couple. The Daily Meal suggested Valentine’s date ideas such as ice skating, fondue making, or baking a cake together. There are plenty activities that you can do together on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect day to learn something new together, such as salsa dancing or a new dish.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, a recent report on the Inquisitr says that you should get something that’s a little more personal. Most women are unimpressed by default gifts such as flowers and boxed chocolates. According to a recent survey, 97 percent of women want something that’s a little more special than sexy underwear. Meanwhile, 87 percent said they simply want the affection of their significant other rather than gifts.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just about the gifts and the attention. It should be about spending some much-needed time together. Whatever you plan to do on Valentine’s Day, you should make sure that it’s an activity you’ll both enjoy.

[Image by Karen Pan on Flickr via Creative Commons]

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