MTV’s ‘Catfish’ Returns In February But It Won’t Be The Same As Previous Seasons

MTV has just announced the return of Catfish, the popular show about people meeting their online friends and lovers. The show is based on a documentary movie of same name, where the TV show’s host, Nev Schulman, gets catfished by an older woman pretending to be a much younger woman. The movie sparked thousands of inquiries and questions, as many people were experiencing the same kinds of relationships — or feeling like they were talking to a catfish.

Many Catfish fans have been wondering when the show would return, as it wrapped up a year ago. MTV has just announced the return of the show, but it won’t be returning in the same capacity as previous seasons. In fact, some viewers may be disappointed with this new twist that will affect the first couple of episodes.

According to a new Starcasm report, Catfish will return on February 25 on MTV, but Max Joseph won’t be part of the first five episodes. Instead, he will be replaced by some celebrity guests, including Guy Code’s Charlamagne Tha God, Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf, Angel Haze, Alex Shaffer, and Tyler Oakley. In other words, Catfish won’t be the same.

Last season, the Catfish hosts were joined by one celebrity for a single episode, and it had a different feel to it. Catfish was becoming less realistic, as a celebrity was now helping the hosts. Plus, the cases Max and Nev were taking on where becoming more extreme, as if people were applying to be on Catfish to get their 15 minutes of fame.

The first couple of seasons addressed some real relationships that has been on-going for years. For example, Michael Fortunato was scared to meet a girl he had been talking to for years because of his weight. According to the Inquisitr, this Catfish star was later found dead. These stories had much more heart than later stories of people completely faking who they were for attention.

Max is missing out on the first five episodes of Catfish due to his work on his feature film, We Are Your Friends. He has been working on the movie with the support of MTV, meaning they were willing to give him some time off to wrap up his new movie.

“It’s really a story about that transition from being a kid to being an adult in today’s world and what that means,” Max said, adding, “We wanted to make a movie about growing up and have that type of music be the pulse of the story. It’s not just about falling for forbidden love, it’s about mentors and proteges and respect for the artists that have come before you and finding your voice. It’s disengaging the people and things you love that might not be good for you. It’s about a lot.”

What do you think about Catfish returning to MTV with celebrities as hosts?

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