‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Rick And Maya Battle Their Critics, Will Caroline Let Go?

Things are really heating up this month on The Bold and the Beautiful and fans can’t wait to see what comes next. Rick and Maya have been shaking things up, but they are meeting with plenty of resistance. Will their plans succeed or falter? There are some Bold and Beautiful spoilers out regarding the events taking place during the week of January 12 and fans are anxious to see what’s going to happen.

On Monday’s show, Maya will go all-out to prove her critics wrong. In addition, there will be a big face-off between Ridge and Rick. Ridge will urge Rick to save his marriage to Caroline before it’s too late, but as viewers have seen, Rick has other plans. This episode will also show Aly weighing in on Rick’s latest antics, shares She Knows Soaps

Carter will tell Maya that he doesn’t think that Rick really loves her, and she will not take it well. She’s furious and she’s ready to give him a piece of her mind according to the Bold and Beautiful spoilers. It appears that Rick and Ridge’s battle continues into Tuesday’s episode when Rick throw’s Ridge’s romantic failures in his face.

While Rick and Maya have a plan, it seems she may start to doubt things a bit as she will demand answers from him regarding his feelings during Wednesday’s show. Though Ridge was trying to convince Rick to save his marriage to Caroline early in the week, by the middle of the week he will seemingly tell her that he doesn’t think she should try to save her relationship with her husband any more.

Ridge will go on to tell Caroline that they can now be together, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that the two will come to a decision regarding a possible relationship at the end of the week. As Ridge and Caroline consider their future, Rick seemingly convinces himself that he has a bright future with Maya.

As the Soap Opera Fan blog shares, Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Rick seems to be unaware of the real reason behind his offensive behavior, though everybody else has it figured out. Maya wants to know if he’s just using her to get back at Caroline and she will even threaten to leave him. This leads to a passionate encounter between the two that prompts Maya’s gloating to Carter later.

Ivy will also try to warn Rick that he’s headed down the wrong track, but it seems unlikely that he’ll listen. Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Caroline will receive some information this week that proves Ridge’s views regarding how Rick has treated her are accurate. She’s heartbroken, and she will come to worry about how Rick will react if he learns of her new connection with Ridge.

In other happenings this week, Bill and Katie spend more time together and reconnect further. Deacon continues to try to get Quinn to back off when it comes to Wyatt, and there will be a bump in the road for Ivy and Liam’s relationship. So far the character of Hope remains off the canvas with Kim Matula gone, and so far the show hasn’t announced a recast or a return for the character.

How will it all turn out for Caroline, Rick, Maya, Ridge and the rest? Fans will need to tune in to CBS weekdays to see just what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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