‘RHOA’ Star Demetria McKinney Thinks Phaedra Parks Is Living In A Glass House

Demetria McKinney may only have filmed a couple of scenes with her The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars, but she is quickly learning who she can and cannot trust. On yesterday’s episode of the show, NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks decided to pay Demetria a visit, and it didn’t take long for McKinney to realize that the women had nothing positive or encouraging to say about her music career.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Demetria McKinney didn’t realize that NeNe wasn’t being genuine until she watched the episode, where Leakes was saying different things behind her back. But McKinney was shocked over Phaedra’s comments during the sit-down, even though they had just met one another. Demetria tried to stay calm, and she made a mental note of the comments.

According to a new Bravo report, Demetria McKinney reveals that she felt Parks had no right to come after her, given everything Phaedra has been going through herself. Of course, her issues with Apollo Nida have been highly publicized, as he went back to jail to serve eight years for fraud. But McKinney claims she gave the single mother of two a chance.

“I have never done anything to this girl!? And I felt that with the degrees she has and the situation she is in, this “Southern Christian belle” can’t seriously be saying these ignorant things,” Demetria McKinney reveals, adding that she really tried to give Parks the benefit of the doubt.

“But after asking if I had done crack, saying I am too old to pursue my dream, asking if I think my relationship is off kilter, and then to come to Puerto Rico and continue voicing nonsense about my clothes, I knew it had to stop,” Demetria adds.

“It’s crazy to me! People will sit there and poke at you in front of people and then get butt hurt when you finally punch them in the face in front of the same audience! Instead of making up some rude, obnoxious fiction, I reminded her of her truth. Something she has tried to get away from by resorting to talking recklessly about not only me but others in public forums. A person living in a broken glass house needs to pick up the pieces, not cut someone else because they’re mad,” Demetria points out.

Of course, McKinney has been dealing with issues in her own relationship as well. Demetria learned that Roger Bobb had been sleeping around. But according to the Inquisitr, Demetria reveals that he did sleep around, and that she doesn’t want to know what he did when they were not together. McKinney walked out of the party after hearing the news, but has stayed with him despite learning of his cheating ways.

Do you think Demetria McKinney is right about Phaedra living in a glass house?

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