Kelly Clarkson ‘Heartbeat’ Debut: Pop Diva Releases New Single With Help From Baby River

Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat” single has made its debut, but the singer first teased the single on her site and on social media with a little help from her infant daughter, River. E! Online shared the full audio of Clarkson’s first single since she gave birth to her first child on Monday morning, and fans are raving about the new tune already.

Clarkson teased fans with a snippet of the single on her Facebook on Friday. The short video teaser shows her daughter, River, listening to the song on headphones. The little girl danced in her seat as Clarkson spoke before removing the headphones. Everyone was able to hear the song at that point, but the focus of the camera stayed on River as she danced in her seat until she slid down further on the chair.

This video did cause a social media frenzy on Facebook. Since Clarkson shared the video on Friday, more than 153,000 people have liked the post.

Billboard has shared their thoughts on Clarkson’s new release, and it sounds like Kelly has a hit on her hands with “Heartbeat.”

“‘Heartbeat Song’ is less of a reinvention than a reassertion, following the longest break between standard studio albums in Clarkson’s career. She can still deftly handle a crescendo, deliver a sturdy vocal hook and know when to let her backing music breathe, all while keeping her carbonated charm intact. Clarkson’s ‘Heartbeat Song’ represents another surefire hit for one of pop’s most reliable architects, and a welcome return for an artist who had taken a well-deserved personal break.”

Kelly Clarkson did take a two-year break from releasing music. Her last album was a Christmas album released in 2013. Before that, she released a greatest hits album. Her last album effort of original music was Stronger in 2011.

The Inquisitr did report recently that Clarkson had teased her fans about an upcoming studio release on her Twitter account. Clarkson teased fans that her next album would be pop. She also teased that her first single would hit in January, and she stuck to her word on that. She joked on her Twitter that she had a baby during her break from music, and “that takes time.”

Fans are buzzing about the new single on Twitter, and the response to Clarkson’s “Heartbeat” is positive.

It is clear from Clarkson’s laughter on the short teaser video that she is happy with her life, and she is ready to share her new music with the world. Listen to the new track below.

What do you think of Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat” single?

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