iOS 8 Adopted By More Than 68 Percent Of iPads And iPhones

iOS 8 is now used by nearly 70 percent of all devices working under iOS. According to the latest statistics on the App Store Distribution page, Apple has estimated that iOS 8 has a 68 percent share, followed by 29 percent share of iOS 7 and 4 percent of all older versions together.

The latest info shows the growth of 4 percent when compared to 64 percent on December 22. The percentage has been going up for a while now. It was 56 percent on November 12, 52 percent on October 29, and 47 percent on October 5. The growth is steady, but slow comparing to the earlier versions.

According to Mixpanel, the share of iOS 8 was 69.1 percent on Wednesday.

Apple measurement involves devices that come with the latest version of operating system installed as well as devices that upgrade to iOS 8 (currently iOS 8.1.2). January iOS 8 adoption gains suggest that there might be many who received iPhone or iPad for the holidays. Or possibly there are more users interested in downloading and using the new version of the mobile operating system.

iOS 8’s reach to the costumers has been pretty slow when compared to the iOS 7. For example, in the same period last year, iOS 7 hit 74 percent within three months of the release. According to experts, the slow growth of devices running iOS 8 is due to rough start of the new version.

iOS 8 was released on September 17, and it came with many bugs and technical issues. Apple released iOS 8.0.1 just a week later to fix the bugs, but version 8.0.1 had even more bugs, such as the inability to use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor or to connect to cellular networks.

Version 8.0.1 has been quickly removed from distribution, and replaced with version 8.0.2 on September 25. Apple then issued an updated mobile operating system, iOS 8.1, on October 20, and then later iOS 8.1.2 on December 19. According to MacRumors, there are still some bugs in the newest version, like the one that causes Messages to take too long to open. Regarding that, Apple has come up with iOS version 8.2, and the the third beta version is already seeded to the developers.

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