WWE News: WWE Now Planning Out WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions?

Anyone who has ever worked for WWE can tell you that what happens in WWE is certainly planned to happen in WWE. There is not a lot of surprise on TV. Unlike in the 90’s when guys might shoot here and there, today’s WWE is considered micro-managed according to legends of the past. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon always ran a tight ship, so to say today’s product is more micro-managed than before it saying a lot.

Again, most of what we see on television is carefully planned out. WWE does not like to be surprised. Of course, WWE knows they have to answer to investors, networks, etc. Clearly they do not want to go through anything controversial with them. However, many think this is a reason for the product having issues.

WWE looks to now be adding planned “surprises.” Early on, WWE Diva wardrobe malfunctions would happen here and there. They were not common, but malfunctions would happen for even the WWE Superstars, so it is not crazy to think they could happen with the ladies too. However, in today’s WWE women are taped up and everything is designed to not mess up. Unless a Diva just wants it to happen, it won’t. Many know that if they plan something out without WWE permission, they will not be working for WWE for very long.

Accidents such as Brie Bella’s exposed nipple on WWE RAW previously was considered an accident. She wore a revealing dress and the tape simply didn’t stick long enough. However, it appears as if WWE is now planning out things to happen. Many think that it is WWE trying to boost ratings, but in reality it seems to be for WWE Total Divas.

Rosa Mendes

Total Divas brings in a whole new audience for WWE. I’ve actually spoken to women who will not watch the normal WWE product but never miss a Total Divas show. So obviously the show has it’s own fanbase and thus, WWE wants to make content for them and not just rely on the stories they work on within in WWE.

A story that happened in the last Total Divas show had to do with the Rose Mendes wardrobe malfunction from back in September of 2014. Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes wanted to have an “accidental” malfunction happen for Rosa. They debated on what kind, as Rosa wanted to originally expose a breast. As we know, Rosa’s butt was exposed instead, which is not considered as bad for censors.

As we know by now, Total Divas is mostly scripted just like all WWE programming. This meant that WWE had to have planned out a Rosa Mendes malfunction for the show. The story makes even more sense, as the “malfunction” happened on WWE Main Event, a WWE Network show and not on RAW or SmackDown. This meant that WWE didn’t have to answer to censors from networks, but rather, themselves.

The butt was also not against PG according to guidelines, which meant that WWE planned out a PG malfunction and could potentially do these going forward.

Of course WWE then “reprimanded” Rosa for the malfunction. However, since this was all for show it seemed that WWE did this to get press not only for the Divas but for the Total Divas TV show. WWE is known for carefully planning things and making sure nothing surprises them. So with that being said and the proof we see on Total Divas, could WWE plan out more Diva malfunctions?

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