‘Teen Mom 4’: New Details About Potential Spin-Off

Rumors of a potential Teen Mom 4 spin-off have been swirling for about a week. The potential spin-off would include cast members from the most recent season of 16 and Pregnant, and even though Teen Mom 3 was highly unsuccessful at pulling in ratings and maintain an audience, it appears that MTV is still considering giving the show another try. Teen Mom Junkies reported all-new details about the potential spin-off.

The site reported that a meeting regarding the future of the potential spin-off would take place on Monday. It is unclear what the meeting will consist of, but it is likely that the network will review the ratings from the Where Are They Now special. According to TMJ, the ratings of the special were essential in determining if the Teen Mom 4 spin-off would happen or not.

Autumn Crittendon, one 16 and Pregnant Season 5 cast member who had one of the four highest rated episodes during her season, took to her Facebook page to promote the Where Are They Now special. In her post, she hinted that a new Teen Mom 4 spin-off could potentially happen, although she did not confirm it.

Teen Mom Junkies spoke to a source who claimed that the Where Are They Now special would be a kind of audition for the potential spin-off. These days, social networking plays a huge role in everything, and it may play a role in casting the potential show. The source said that the cast members whose segments gained the most attention via social networking could be considered for a spot on the show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 16 and Pregnant will be back for a sixth season, but with an all-new format. It is unclear if MTV has any intentions of changing the formats of their Teen Mom shows, but since the 16 and Pregnant format will take on one similar to Teen Mom, it seems unlikely. If Teen Mom 4 were to happen, there would likely be four spots.

Although the latest season of 16 and Pregnant shared the stories of 12 different girls, TMJ points out that only eight of the cast members would be eligible for Teen Mom 4, if it were to happen. This is because four girls chose not to participate in the special, but rather did a brief Skype interview to fulfil their contractual obligations. This means that landing a spot on the spin-off would be slightly easier than it has been in the past.

When casting for Teen Mom 3, it was rumored that spots had been turned down by Season 4 16 and Pregnant cast members. Most notably was cage fighter Lindsey Harrison, who turned down the chance to be on MTV.

Maddy Godsey, Summer Rewis, Autumn Crittendon, and Jordan Cashmyer’s episodes that aired during the regular season of 16 and Pregnant all received the most views, according to statistics. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they would be the four to be offered a spot. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jordan Cashmyer’s life has been chaotic since filming for MTV, and with the network trying to revamp the image portrayed by these shows, they may be reluctant to sign her on for Teen Mom 4, although this is merely speculation.

MTV has yet to make an official announcement regarding the potential Teen Mom 4 spin-off, and if the network does decide to go forth with it, it is unclear when it could possibly air.

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